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Have you ever wondered why there is a “Pink” ring in your toilet or other areas of the bathroom?

A letter to Linda “Queen of Clean” Cobb:

I have lived in the Valley all of my adult life (actually since I was 3 months old).

I have live in many homes and apartments across the Valley. Some of the homes had water softener units and some did not. Currently, I live in South Gilbert for the past 5 years. We have a kinetico system.

The question I have, please note, there has yet been anyone able to answer this or supply an explanation, even Kinetico.

Constantly, there is a pinkish colored slime sort of substance that shows up on the toilet bowls, corners of the shower and the tubs. It has been known to accumulate in the shower heads and faucet spouts. It is not hard to wipe away, it is just an annoying issue and I would like to know what is causing this.

This is the first home in all the years that I have experienced this.

We use potassium instead of the salt pellets. Could this be the cause of this foreign substance? I have only once heard of anyone else with this issue and it was in an article in the AZ Republic asking the same question I am. The response was how to clean it and that is not the issue. It just wipes away.

I want to know what it is and where it comes from and how to stop it from appearing.

Please help… I bet this is one that will stump you Q of C.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you, Sherri from Gilbert

From: Queen of Clean

Hi Sherri,

What a great question and believe it or not, I Have an answer for you.

The “pink” problem that you have is less likely a problem associated with water quality than a naturally occurring airborne bacteria and is also affected by the homeowners cleaning habits…. that doesn’t mean you don’t clean well!

What you have is a bacteria that produces a pink film, and sometimes a dark gray film, on surfaces that are regularly moist, including toilet bowls, showerheads, sink drains, and tiles.

The problem commonly occurs in humid regions of the country. Although the exact bacteria species cannot be known without extensive extensive testing, it is commonly thought to be Serratia Marcescens. This thrives on moisture, dust and phosphates. Many times people will even notice this harmless bacteria growing in their pet’s water bowls.

What is interesting is that the growing of this bacteria can be aggravated if customers remove the chlorine from the water by way of an activated carbon filter. This is interesting to me because the bacteria is harmless and what kills it, the chlorine in our water, is harmful.

Here is what you can do. Put some chlorine bleach in your toilet, let it sit then swish and flush. You can even put it in the tank, although with natural products I like Clean and Shield Multi Surface Cleaner, or Bathroom Cleaner, which you can buy at Albertson’s. This provides a shield that prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing.

Some cleaning products can aggravate the condition. After showers wipe down or squeegee the walls to remove moisture. If you see it, put a little bleach on a paper towel and wipe.

Here is a surprising solution. Once you are done cleaning, spray the wall tile, caulking, etc. with Endust and wipe. Endust keeps the air away from the area and keeps dust from settling, something we have plenty of in Arizona. DO NOT spray the floor or it will be slippery. I am not sure why this works but it seems to do the trick.

Hope this has helped you. I love interesting, unusual questions like yours!

Best, Linda Cobb

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